SOAR to the Human Endpoint

Behaviors / Analytics / Playbooks

XBR Unified Security & HR Platform

Predictive Workforce Intelligence

Meet CHA. CHA is the next-gen platform for analysis and automation of behavioral analytics data. CHA glues together the SIEM, SOAR (security orchestration automation and remediation) Security systems and HRIS systems into one single management platform.

We are forging a future where companies can better: care for, support, de-risk, and respond to their most important asset, it’s people.

With remote employees companies are more disconnected with their employees than ever. We know less of who they are or how they are doing. With our solution we can not only tell you how people are doing but where they need support, how to support them and how your company can best respond.



CHA Patternality

Our free for everyone tool to get started with Cyber Human Analytics. CHA Patternality empowers everyone to learn about themselves, build custom groups, and understand complex company dynamics.

  • Free Assessment

  • Build Connections

  • Explore Groups


Workforce Insights

We work with you to apply our Behavioral Algorithms, Systems and Methods to provide employee risk scores and actionable intelligence.

  • Annual Baseline
  • Bi-Annual Insights
  • Quarterly Performance
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Preventative Security

Adding on to the insights we deliver, we add in an automated response capability to enable you to reduced risk by bringing together HR+Security teams.

  • Behavioral Insights

  • Response Systems

  • Wellness Methods

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