What you get

SOAR Playbooks for People

We introduce integrations to enable trigger based responses. Managing risks at scale is tough, we have solved this by enabling organizations to build and automate scenarios to get their attention when it’s needed.

  • HR + Security Integrations
  • Automated Response

  • Tierd Risk Response

Risk Management

Leveraging our dashboard, security teams will be able to review and monitor behavioral risk and insider threat impact.

  • Customization

  • Threat Prevention
  • Risk Context

Workforce Understanding

We leverage our patented survey platform developed to understand personality traits that drive behavior. Our behavioral analytic is based off of mathematical descriptors that allow us to see traits in new ways.

  • HR Integrations

  • Personality Digitation

  • Personality Awareness

Uncover Pattern Dynamics

Our traits are affected by stress impacting employees holistically. We leverage this information in 2 ways. First, we take a “wellness first” approach to enable companies to focus on the wellness of that individual to provide support. Second, we leverage that opportunity for “security preparedness” so that security teams can take necessary steps to audit, monitor and ensure risk of impact is reduced.

  • SCORM Compliant Survey
  • Vulnerable Individual Identification

  • Wellness first, then security preparedness

Group Demographics

We review individual results and group results to uncover behavioral insights. We analyze individuals, groups and business units to uncover group personalities for action.

  • Hiring Insights
  • Group Dynamics
  • Conflict Insights

CHA Backoffice

Use our management console to understand workforce data, develop response scenarios and configure your deployment.

  • Data Management

  • Workforce Insights

  • Conflict Insights
  • Performance Management

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